Bringing the joy of Thai cooking into your home has never been easier. At Wild Rice, we believe anyone can make delicious Thai food, regardless of their cooking skill level. That's why we've created our sauces to be foolproof and self-contained — no need to add water, coconut milk, or any additional spices. Just add your choice of protein and/or vegetables for a truly authentic experience.

  • "They are absolutely brilliant!! Super easy way to get a proper-tasting curry. 😘👌 All their sauces are made in Bangkok and you can tell - transported me right back to Thailand. 🌞"


  • "Okay, this is officially the best Tom Yum soup I have ever had!"


  • "The sauces are absolutely brilliant!! This Pad Thai took me straight back to the streets of Thailand. 🇹🇭"


  • "The food feels like homemade cooking, and the flavours are perfectly balanced and light. I love everything."


  • "It was honestly really delicious! It had such a warm and nutty taste and I thoroughly enjoyed it. When they make it in Thailand, they also use local produce so it has a lovely authentic flavour."


  • "Genuinely delicious. Messaged friends and family to buy."


Wild Rice Community Cook Book

This is our expanding cookbook of recipes from our friends and family. If you have made something you would like to share, please send us an email or contact us on Instagram, and we will add yours!