Our mission is to deliver authentic Thai flavours, a challenging feat given the complexity and rarity of ingredients.

Our sauces are ready to eat, so your meal can be ready in just 5 minutes on a busy day. They are perfect for every occasion, whether it’s just for yourself, a dinner party, or to be shared with your loved ones.

  • "They are absolutely brilliant!! Super easy way to get a proper-tasting curry. 😘👌 All their sauces are made in Bangkok and you can tell - transported me right back to Thailand. 🌞"


  • "Okay, this is officially the best Tom Yum soup I have ever had!"


  • "The sauces are absolutely brilliant!! This Pad Thai took me straight back to the streets of Thailand. 🇹🇭"


  • "The food feels like homemade cooking, and the flavours are perfectly balanced and light. I love everything."


  • "It was honestly really delicious! It had such a warm and nutty taste and I thoroughly enjoyed it. When they make it in Thailand, they also use local produce so it has a lovely authentic flavour."


  • "Genuinely delicious. Messaged friends and family to buy."