Our mission is to deliver the most honest and authentic flavours of Thailand and we know how complicated this is to achieve.Thai food is heavily time consuming to make and involves a lot of rare ingredients, many of which cannot be found in London. Even the most basic ingredients can be hard to get right. For example industrially produced coconut cream cannot deliver the same flavour as the one from local farmers in Thailand and our Thai soy sauce is made with an aging and fermentation processes not available in the UK. 

Simply put, the quality of ingredients is not the same. No matter how good a chef, Thai food can only be as good as the quality of its ingredients.

This is why we have decided to bring our Wild Rice Home Cooking sauces range to you; to help save you both money and time, and to ensure that you, your family and your friends get nothing short of authentic and delicious Thai meals.

Our sauces are made ready to eat, your meal can be ready in just 5 minutes on a busy day. They are great for every occasion; whether it’s for just yourself, a dinner party or to be shared with your loved ones.