Panang Pork Bao


Serving: 2



4                            Bao

8 slices                  Pork loin slice

4 tbsp                    WIld Rice Panang sauce

30 g                       Onion (sliced)

1 tsp                      Crispy shallot



1. Put bao in steamer and let steam for at least 10 minutes

1. Heat the pan with vegetable oil 

2. Add onion, cook until golden and rest aside

3. Fry pork loin in the pan until thoroughly cooked

4. Add Panang sauce. Mix well for 2 minutes

5. Take bao out and stuff with 2 pork slices or more (depends how big your bao is)

6. Add onion and crispy shallot

7. Serve hot and enjoy!

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