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Martyna's King Prawns Green Curry

See below my method for making a delicious green curry:
You will need:
1 pouch of Wild rice Green Curry 
200g king prawns
2 Birdseye chillies 
100g mangetout
100g baby corn on the cob
50g button chestnut mushrooms (or any other)
1ts of coconut butter 
200ml of coconut milk
A lime wedge 
1.Prep by chopping the chillies into small pieces, mushrooms and baby corns into  chunks
2. Heat up coconut oil in a wok and add chillies - fry for a few minutes to release the aromas
3.add mushrooms and  mangetout - fry for a few minutes 
4. Add baby corn and fry for a few minutes
5. Add Wildrice green curry sauce and bring to a simmer 
6 add 200g of king prawns (I cook my from frozen)
7. Bring back to simmer 
8. Add more coconut milk as needed to keep desired consistency
9. Simmer untill prawns are cooked 
Serve with your favourite rice and sprinkle a bit of lime juice for an extra zingy kick 
Thank you @Blonde_Fashion_Foodie for sharing your delicious recipe and picture!

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