KS' Udon Pad Thai with Pork belly

KS' Udon Pad Thai with Pork belly


1 bag Wild Rice Pad Thai sauce

400g Udon

200g Pork Belly

2 Egg

1Wedge Lime

1tsp Dried chili

2tbsp Vegetable or Canola oil

1bunch Coriander

1 carrot grated

200g new potatoes, sliced  


1. Heat vegetable oil until smoking.

2. Add pork and fry until browned. Remove and set aside.

3. In same pan fry potatoes until golden. Remove and set aside.

4. Add egg and scramble.

5. Add noodle, and half of Wild Rice Pad Thai sauce. Mix well.

6. Add carrots, potatoes, pork belly. Mix altogether.

7. Add another half of Wild Rice Pad Thai sauce

8. Serve on plate with crushed roasted peanuts, lime wedge and dried chili on the side. Top with coriander.


Thank you KS_ATE_HERE for sharing this amazing recipe and picture! 

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