Cloudy Tom yum cream soup

Cooking time: 10-15 minutes

Serving 1-2



1  bag                          Wild Rice Cloudy Tom Yum soup

150g                            Prawns

100g                            Whipped cream or milk

2 tbsp                          Unsalted butter

1 tbsp                          Corn starch


To serve:

Black pepper

Basil leaves    

Bread or baguette (optional)



  1. Boil prawns until cooked (about 3 minutes). Run through cold water and cut into small cubes
  2. Strain all bits out of Wild Rice tom yum soup and add to a mixer along with prawns. Mix well
  3. Add unsalted butter to a medium heated frying pan. Add corn starch and stir until cooked
  4. Add whipped cream or milk. Follow by tom yum soup
  5. Pour in to a soup bowl. Top with basil leaves and black pepper
  6. Serve with bread or baguette
  7. Enjoy!
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