Becky's Crispy duck Panang


For the duck:
1️⃣ Rub salt, Szechuan pepper, cinnamon & nutmeg into the skin and leave in the fridge till you’re ready to cook it (best to do this in the morning/ night before)
2️⃣ Drizzle a tbsp of sesame oil in the slow cooker & add the duck (fat side up) with a couple cloves of garlic sliced in half and cook on low for 5 hours (works to do this step at around lunchtime if you want it for dinner)
3️⃣ Dry fry on a high heat for 4 mins to crisp up the fat 🔥👌🏼

For the curry sauce (packet says it serves 3 but really serves 2):
1️⃣ Peel, chop & boil 1 baking potato, 2 carrots
2️⃣ Drain the veg & add to a saucepan with one packet of @wildricelondon massaman curry sauce & a handful of green beans
3️⃣ Let it simmer on a low heat while you cook the rice & you’re done!


Thank you @Becky_bites for sharing this amazing recipe and picture!

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