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Wild Rice London

Vegan Massaman

Vegan Massaman

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A Warm, nutty, and earthy curry

Notes: cinnamon, cardamom, ground nutmeg

Spice level: 1/5 🌶️
Net weight: 250g

Serves 2

Arguably the most famous Thai curry across the globe, our Massaman has distinctive aromas derived from warm spices such as nutmeg, fennels, cloves and cinnamons. Don’t mistake Massaman’s mildness for weakness; its character is not favoured only by kids and those with lower spice tolerance, but the layers of complexity are proven to be enjoyable by everyone. Vegan and vegetarian friendly!

Cook Thai food to perfection in minutes with Wild Rice. Our sauces are made for every occasion, whether you're cooking for yourself, hosting a dinner party, or sharing a meal with loved ones. Let us help save you time, money, with yumminess guaranteed every time!

10-minutes cooking instructions:

  1. Cook the desired vegetable and protein thoroughly
  2. Pour in Wild Rice's vegan Massaman curry sauce. Stir and let cook for 2 minutes
  3. Serve!

Recipe recommendations; Serves 2:

Recipe 1 (vegan) 🥔

300g tofu, 100g potato, 50g long beans

Serve with steamed Jasmine rice

Recipe 2 (vegan) 🍆

200g aubergine, 200g courgette, 50g carrots

Serve with steamed Jasmine rice

Recipe 3 (non-vegan) 🐓

100g chicken, 100g potato

Serve with steamed Jasmine rice

Recipe 4 (non-vegan)🐑

2 lamb shanks, 100g carrots

Serve with roti


Wild Rice's Vegan Massaman curry information

Health benefits:

Cinnamon helps relieve flatulence and nausea. Shallots relieve fever. Clove relieves stomachache, flatulence and colic. Cardamom seeds cure indigestion.

Coconut milk, Massaman curry paste (dried chilli, garlic, lemongrass, shallot, salt, galangal, kaffir lime peel), sugar, water, tamarind juice, ginger, coriander seed, cumin, nutmeg, cinnamon, clove, black pepper, shiitake powder

Food allergy warning:
This product may have traces of shrimp, fish, and soy from shared factory

In a cool dry place

For more recipes and cooking tips go here.


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