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Kua Kling
Fiery, fresh& zesty
Notes: turmeric, burnt garlic &lemongrass

Spice level 5/5
Net weight 250g

You may not have heard of this dry yellow curry before, but Kua kling is arguably the most popular Southern dishes amongst the Thais. The yellow comes from turmeric, which is high in antioxidants and helps strengthen immune system. Its spiciness can be a challenge for many, but local Thais swear by it! 

Originally cooked with pork mince, but try it with assorted mushrooms. 

Turmeric has high level of antioxidants which help slow down aging process and strengthen immune system. Garlic helps lower cholesterol and blood sugar, prevent heart disease and reduce the risk of heart failure. 


  1. Cook your choice of protein into a medium heated pan with splash of vegetable oil.  Stir occasionally until cooked thoroughly.
  2. Add 3 tablespoons of kua kling sauce. Stir fry until dry.  
  3. Add extra chili and Serve!

Protein recommendations: 250g of minced pork or mussels or mushrooms or tofu

Ingredients: Soya bean oil, Pepper powder, Chili, kaffir lime rind, lemongrass, galangal, shallot, garlic, turmeric, fish sauce, white sugar, water, palm sugar

Food allergy warning: This product may have traces of shrimp, fish, peanut and soy

Storage: In cool dry place

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