Rush hour Pad Thai

Rush hour Pad Thai

Cooking time:

10-15 minutes

2-3 Servings



1bag                                        Wild Rice Pad Thai sauce

400g                                        Rice noodle or vermicelli

200g                                        River prawns OR tofu

2                                              Egg

1Wedge                                  Lime

1tsp                                         Dried chili

2tbsp                                       Vegetable or Canola oil

1bunch                                    Coriander



  1. Prepare noodle (usually soak in water/hot water for an amount of time. Varies between products)
  2. Heat vegetable oil until smoking.
  3. Add egg and scramble.
  4. Add noodle, and half of Wild Rice Pad Thai sauce. Mix well.
  5. Add another half of Wild Rice Pad Thai sauce
  6. Add prawns
  7. Add beansprouts and garlic chives. Add roasted peanuts. Mix altogether.
  8. Serve on plate with crushed roasted peanuts, lime wedge and dried chili on the side. Top with coriander!


Special thanks for this amazing picture captured by @brunchlunchlondon 

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