Beef Massaman

Beef Massaman

Cooking time: 12-15minutes



50g                                          Potato

20g                                          Shallot

8                                              Roasted peanut

150g                                        Beef (sirloin/striploin)

200g                                        Massaman sauce



1tsp                                         Coconut milk

1tsp                                         Fried shallot

2                                              Coriander




  1. Dice meat into 1 inch piece, boil until half cooked and stir fry until brown. Put aside.
  2. Pour 200g Massaman sauce into a pot, add 10 tbsp of water
  3. Add shallots, meat and peanut and bring to boil in medium heat. Cook for 5 minutes, stir occasionally
  4. Add potato and may be add more water. Cook for 7 more minutes
  5. Turn off the stove, plate and top with garnish
  6. ENJOY


Note: you can skip garnishes if you can’t find them. I some time add crushed roasted peanut on top as well 

Note2: Substitute beef with pork, chicken or prawns






Cloudy Tom yum soup

Cooking time: 5-10 minutes



150g                                        Tom Yum soup

150g                                        River prawns or large prawns

50g                                          Straw mushrooms and/or button mushrooms

10g                                          Galangal

5g                                            Lemongrass

1                                              Lime leaf

1 wedge                                  Lime or lemon


  1. Pour tom yum soup in a pot and bring to boil with medium heat. Add one tbsp of water
  2. Add all ingredients, and wait until prawns are cooked
  3. Top with coriander, squeeze a wedge of lime or lemon and serve



Note: Substitute prawns with chicken or mixed seafood.



 Chicken Panang

Cooking time: 10 minutes



150g                                        Panaeng sauce

150g                                        Chicken breast

1tbsp                                       Crushed Roasted peanuts

3g                                            Chopped Thai Bird Eye Chili



1                                              Chopped Lime leaf




  1. Cut chicken into 5-10g piece
  2. Bring panaeng sauce to boil in a pot with medium heat, add 1 tbsp of water
  3. Add chicken and stir until cooked
  4. Add chilli and roasted peanuts. Stir until thickened
  5. Plate, top with chopped lime leaf and serve


Note: When stewing the sauce, make sure to use medium heat otherwise coconut milk may break and it may appear less appetising (although this doesn’t affect the taste).

Note2: You can use any alternative nuts or roasted chestnut.







Pad Thai

Cooking time: 15 minutes



100g                                        Pad Thai sauce

100g                                        Rice noodle

150g                                        River prawns

1                                              Egg

30g                                          Firm Tofu       

30g                                          Dried prawns

10g                                          Salted dried turnip

20g                                          Crushed roasted peanut

10g                                          Garlic Chives

40g                                          Beansprouts

1Wedge                                  Lime

1tsp                                         Dried chili

2tbsp                                       Vegetable oil



  1. Heat vegetable oil until smoking. Fry Salted dried turnip, dried prawns and firm tofu together until aromatic. Add river prawns.
  2. Add egg when prawns are half cooked. Mixed altogether and add rice noodle with 3 tbsp of water.
  3. Stir fry until noodles are softened then add half Pad Thai sauce. Make sure everything is mixed together well
  4. Add another half of Pad Thai sauce                          
  5. Add roasted peanuts, beansprouts and garlic chives
  6. Serve on plate with crushed roasted peanuts, lime wedge and dried chili on the side


Note: Serve al dente



Chicken Green Curry

Cooking time: 10 minutes



20g                                          Pea aubergines

80g                                          Round white aubergine

5g                                            Sweet Basil

150g                                        Chicken thigh

2g                                            Sliced Finger Chilli

200g                                        Green curry sauce

2                                              Finely Chopped Lime leaves




  1. Dice chicken thigh into 5-10g pieces
  2. Pour green curry sauce into a pot and bring to boil with medium heat
  3. Add chicken and lime leaves. Stew together for about a minute
  4. Add Pea aubergines and Round white aubergine
  5. Add chilli and stir until chicken is cooked thoroughly
  6. Add Sweet Basil, give it a quick stir then turn off the heat
  7. Plate and serve


Note: Substitute chicken with tofu

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