Lamb Panang with Red Wine

Cooking time: 20-40 minutes

Servings: 1-2



1 bag                           Wild Rice Panang curry          

250 g                           Lamb neck diced

100g                            Carrot (chopped)

50g                              White onion (chopped)

1 cup                           Strong red wine like malbec

2 tbsp                          Salted butter




  1. Turn on medium heat and add butter to the pan
  2. Wait until melted and stir fry carrots and white onion until soften
  3. Add diced lamb and half a cup of red wine
  4. Let cook and until juice almost all evaporated, dd another half of red wine
  5. Stir occasionally again until half reduced and then add Wild Rice panang curry
  6. Let simmer for as long as possible
  7. Serve with Thai jasmine rice
  8. Enjoy!

Thank you @KS_ate_here for this epic shot!

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